CPU-Z 1.3

CPU-Z provides in-depth information about important components of your PC
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CPU-Z is a simple but powerful application that provides in-depth information about important components of your computer including CPU, memory and mainboard. The program is completely user-friendly and easy to use, although the user interface is not very attractive. However, that is not so important for this kind of informative program because you don't want to be distracted from what really matters to you: your PC. In the CPU tab you will find information regarding your CPU, including brand ID, package, code name, core speed, technology, bus speed, multiplier, HT link and cache (L1 data, L1 code). The Cache tab shows the L1 data cache with the size and descriptor, L1 Instruction Cache, L2 Cache, and L3 Cache if available. Moreover, the Mainboard tab will include details about the manufacturer, BIOS (brand, version and date), chipset, southbridge, model, sensor, and graphic interface (version, transfer rate and side band). And finally the Memory section, provides info about the type, size and channels. The program also comes with another application called Latency which, if installed, provides info about the cache latency computation. This version features some adds and bugs fixes including latest Sempron and Turion support improved, Intel Xeon Potomac, Pentium M 780 support, support for SMBus on latest SiS bridges (964, 965, 966) and ULi bridges, increased clocks refresh rate among others.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free.
  • The information presented in a clear way.
  • User-friendly.
  • Easy to use


  • Unattractive user interface
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